Please upload print-ready PDF at actual size (76" x 48") with fonts and line art converted to outlines.

To do this in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Select ENTIRE ARTWORK and choose Object>Expand Appearance. 
  • With artwork still selected, go to Object>Expand.
  • Make sure Object, Fill and Stroke are checked  and press OK.  (This will change all artwork into outlines - strokes & line art will not print) 
  • The photo in the Applicant Proposal area needs to be copy and pasted into the template.  DO NOT DRAG AND DROP THE IMAGES (Drag and drop creates a low resolution placeholder - the high resolution image is stored on the designers computer which does not get uploaded with the Notice Template Artwork.)
  • ALL images should be unmasked (if rastor) or vectorized
You may upload images that are no less than 300dpi in the following formats: jpg,jpeg,eps,ai,zip,psd,pdf images. File should not be larger than 50MB in size. Design should be the same Size and Dimensions as your sign