enlogik’s “Real Estate Sign Light” is a completely automatic solar-powered LED light for illuminating Real Estate (and other) signage. A wide beam of soft diffused light is automatically cast on both sides of your sign, giving extended hours of exposure for the property.
NOTE: These lights are compatible with our aluminum or pvc posts.
At dusk, the integrated photocell triggers the LED mlights to illuminate. For the next 8 hours, the sign is completely illuminated in a soft discreet light. The unit features a high-efficiency solar panel and lithium battery technologies, allowing true autonomous functionality with more than 3 days of reserve power. The unit fully charges in 5-6 hours of sunlight and will run for 3 consecutive nights without further sunlight, accounting for cloudy or rainy days.
The Solar Sign Light was designed as a weather resistant low profile retrofit for the majority of signposts being manufactured and installed today. From a 1” post, all the way to 3.5” wood, PVC or metal post, the included security screws and adapters will easily secure the “Real Estate Sign Light” to almost any size post. These specifications far exceed any other solution in the market today and ensure reliable operation for years to come.


SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
None11$ 95.00


Total : $ 95.00
Unit Price:$ 95.00