Brightly colored, attractive vehicle wraps make your company vehicles stand out from all the other cars on the road. Colorful vehicle wraps are so engaging that peoples’ eyes naturally gravitate towards them.


Think for a moment… you drive to and from work, spending, say, two hours on the road. How many people do you pass? 10,000? 20,000? More? Multiply this by 300 plus days per year. Wow, that’s a lot of hits! Perhaps your company has multiple vehicles; another multiplier. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see the numbers add up quickly.


Reach your target market. Vehicle wrap advertising is targeted because you are advertising to your local market. The people who will see your vehicle wrap are the people in your area, your TARGET MARKET. Where you go, your advertising goes with you.


Advertising can be expensive. The good thing about advertising with your vehicle is that the initial investment keeps paying you back. Done with the right materials, a professionally wrapped vehicle wrap can last 5 years or more. See the table below for 5 year ROI (return on investment) of a vehicle wrap across various vehicle types.


Average CostVehicle Type LifeAnnualMonthlyDaily
$1,650.00Compact Car5 Yrs$330.00 /yr$27.50 /mo$0.89 /day
$2,300.00Small-Med Cars5 Yrs$460.00 /yr$38.33 /mo$1.24 /day
$2,450.00Med-Large Cars5 Yrs$490.00 /yr$40.83 /mo$1.32 /day
$2,600.00Trucks & Vans5 Yrs$520.00 /yr$43.33 /mo$1.40 /day
$2,800.00Large Trucks & Vans5 Yrs$560.00 /yr$46.67 /mo$1.51 /day
$2,700.00Cargo Vans5 Yrs$540.00 /yr$45.00 /mo$1.45 /day
$3,495.00Small Food Trucks5 Yrs$600.00 /yr$50.00 /mo$1.61 /day
$2,400.00Small Cube Trucks10 Yrs$240.00 /yr$20.00 /mo$0.65 /day
$5,500.00Large Trailers10 Yrs$550.00 /yr$45.83 /mo$1.48 /day


Advertise everywhere you go! Wrap your car, truck, trailer, boat, van and be a rolling billboard that promotes your business 24/7.
We offer full wraps, partial wraps, logos and lettering… whatever suits your needs and budget.
Other drivers often see your information while driving beside or behind you, so a ½ wrap can deliver the message just as effectively as a full or ¾ coverage wrap, but at a lower cost.
Perhaps you want to make a statement without being TOO bold. Try a ¼ coverage wrap. You get the message out. You save money. Typically the rear of the vehicle is where you get the best bang for the buck.
Don’t underestimate the value of getting your name and contact info out there. A logo, a phone number and a website can draw potential clients into the fold. Let us create and install a tasteful, effective design for you.
Come talk to our team to discuss the needs of your particular vehicle, and we can make recommendations on what materials, designs & installation procedures to use.